Ippei Hara is who?

Hi a Chinese friend of mine asked me check up about Ippei Hara.

So, today I introduce him

Legend salesman

He is famous for legend salesman. Some persons call him ” God of Sales.

He get more than 30 new contract per a month for three decades. Ever since no one can get them like him. That is because called Legend salesman.
He did work in Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company.

When he was 25 years old , he happened to find recruitment for Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company.

Indomitable spirit

In general when you want to work at the company , you make a decision to participate in job interview.
But he never thinks so.
He does make a decision to work here. Surprise!!!
Because he go there with dirty clothes, they will not allow him to participate in job interview .
But he did not give up doing it and did stay in front of company until they recruit him.

Some of them persuade him to go back to home and stop it. But he never stopped.

Exam to recruit

About two weeks later, second CEO spoke to him.

Why do you stay here for about 2 weeks

To accept me

The CEO said to you

So funny. Because you have stayed here for two weeks, you must have biggest will to work he. I agree your will.
But if you can’t get new contract in a month I am going to fire you without fail.

Ippei did conceive what he said.

For about a month I did sales with decent clothes in harder.

The persons that never accepted him think he can’t achieve our quota.

Enter Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company

Achievement made me enter Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company.

With his Indomitable spirit, he more than 30 new contract per a month for three decades.


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