BirthdayApril 26, 1990
BirthplaceFukuoka Prefecture (Japan)
Constellation / blood typeTaurus / O type
LanguageJapanese English
HobbyWatching football in stadium (3 times a month) Travel Reading
Favorite football clubsSaganTosu    GambaOsaka
Respectable personsShunsuke Nakamura  Koji Uehara Chiune Sugihara
InscriptionFortune is unpredictable and changeable
Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.

Enter Fukuoka university

Thanks to a professor who teaches philosophy, I make a habit of reading books every week

Side job from January 2010 to March 2013 Yomiuri Shinbun Western headquarters.

I used to work here as an editorial assistant.


Graduate from Fukuoka university

After graduating from Fukuoka university, I work as an internship student in Fukuoka city for about a few months.

After the internship,I work an Side job and study English.

February 2014 for the purpose of earning income, I did start to work almost the same the full time employee.

Although I was practically full time, I did study English so harder about 90 minutes everyday.

I did customer support by email and make some documents for presentation.


Fly to Singapore

After retiring this job,I did fly to Singapore for the purposes of studying English. But due to trouble an agency triggered on purpose, this program was forced to finish.And I came back to Japan November 2015.

February 2016 I passed the exam for English job training, and I entered it.

After the class I used to study English about for 90 minutes everyday.


Fly to Vietnam(Ho Chi Minh City)

After graduating from English job training, I did fly to Vietnam(Ho Chi Minh City) June 2016.

July 2016 I started to work as an internship student in Japanese company.

Job description Translation Japanese into English and English into Japanese.

Making some documents for presentation. As a reporter I asked some questions to many Vietnamese.

Because I couldn’t be accustomed to living in Vietnam, I made a decision to come back to Japan.

September 2016 I found the job in Tokyo and stared to work there.

Job description altering the bulge print by Jw Cad or Auto Cad Business meeting with our contractor Quality management Safety

management and so on


Start to study Web programming

April 2019 I did quite the job, I start to study illustrator, Photoshop, HTML,CSS, JavaScript and so on.

What I learned from these experience

  1. It’s not special but usual ability that being able to speak English.
  2. Dealing with all of sudden trouble without being panic.
  3. Communicating with many various generations efficiently.
  4. Dealing with a lot of stress and motivating myself.
  5. Recognizing it’s bigger happiness we are born in Japan.