In 2016 , about 4 years ago, the ability I have mastered are only speaking English and operating Ms Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
I did come back to My local city , Fukuoka City , and study about Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML,CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, editing movie and WordPress.
Today, I want to show you the ability I have mastered.
Don’t miss it.
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  • Interpreter for English and Japanese. Travel guide.
  • Editing Movie.
  • Retauching photo with Photoshop
  • Web desingn
  • Creating advertisement with Illustrator
  • Writeing (interview)

1 Interpreter for English and Japanese. Travel guide.

In fact, I do speak English very well compared with ordinary Japanese.
By the way, a friend of mine do not believe that I do speak English much frequently.
When we went to Tokyo DisneySea 2018, I did speak to some foreigners from Republic of the Philippines in English.


Shall I take some pictures by your mobile phone?



We take some picture each other.


In fact , I used to live in Singapore for the purpose
But official language of Singapore is not English but Chinese.
So, it was so hard to communicate with many Singaporean.
Because I can not speak Chinese at all.


Yes, official language of Singapore is Chinese.
We know this fact. Your English is easy to listen.
I am sure that you must have an good experience
in Singapore.


Sorry for waiting for a bit long time!

She was too astonished to say anything to me!!!!


Today,I know you do speak English very well……….

This is my conversation between I and foreigners.During it, she was too astonished to say anything.
After a few days, she did posted instagram that we enjoyed ourselves each other in Tokyo Disney Sea
I do speak English very well.
She seems not to believe my English ability. You read an English article that I did write by myself.

In Vietnam I worked as Internship student. I translated English article into Japanese and make an interview to Vietnamese in English.

2 Editing Movie.

In the future , we can use internet by 5G service.
Thanks to 5G service, we can download long time movie ,such as movie in easy.
I am sure the more 5G service does spread in the world, the more the demand of movie does increase.
So , I start to study about editing movie

Today,I did create a movie about my holiday.
By LumaFusion,Premiere Pro I did create it.

3 Retauching photo with Photoshop

With Photoshop, I can retauch photo.

4 Web desingn

Mainly, I can do Website Design with HTML,CSS,Wordpress,Javascript,JQuery.

※Tap photo to access to Website Design page.

5 Creating advertisement with Illustrator

I can create advertisement with Illustrator.

6Writeing (interview)

I always write some articles about Sagan Tosu and Football in Japanese.
When you ask me to write an article in English, I do with pleasure.
I would appreciate if you ask me work.


It is What I can do.
When I was university student , 2009~2013, with the ability of speaking English, I can do anything.
But in real it is an ordinary ability in the world.
The fact did let me down. But I no regret.
After mastering to speak English, I flied to Singapore and Vietnam.
And I did live and work there. It tells me the real.
If I would not have mastered to speak English, I had never known the real and started to study anything except for English.
I owe this experience what I am.
What I want to say is “Challenge is no failure.
Starting anything is ten to one so frightening to fail, I am sure. But no challenge makes me grow.
Challenge makes sense. During Challenging many time unpredictable thing happens and it lets you down.
What I want to lay stress on is never stop moving on.