Another Singapore is Japan?


I am Yosuke from Japan.

Today, I do introduce another Singapore.

By the way, what thing do you imagine speaking of Singapore?

Singapore is famous to fine city.

Fine has two meaning.

  1. good, great and so one.
  2. penalty fee.

– Sale of cigarettes to minors (under age 18)

– Sale or possession of chewing gum

– Vandalism

– Spitting

– Littering

– Urinating in elevators

– Feeding the pigeons

– Jaywalking

– Possession of firecrackers (punishment: caning)

– Eating or drinking in the subway

– Not flushing the toilet

– Possession or trafficking of >20 grams of drugs (punishment: death)

Singapore: A “Fine” City

Too many punishment things!!!!!!!

In fact, Japan has many punishment things.

What is called, it is unreasonable tax.

Consumption tax (10%)

October 2019, Japanese notorious politicians did start to increase it 10% from 8% compulsory.

When we buy something, we must pay it without fail.

For example, When you buy something by 10USD, we must pay 1USD as consumption fine.

Consumption fine is too guilty for us. What I want to say is that it stop me from buying something. It forces economy grade to be down.

Corporate tax is being down?

Consumption fine has increased. But corporate tax has been down.

Do you know why corporate tax has been down?

Consumption fine has increased

Japanese notorious politicians did make a decision to reduce corporate tax for the purpose of giving favorable treatment to many major corporations and rich persons.

They has purpose to force no rich persons to pay consumption tax as consumption fine.

To be great economy grade, they must do away with consumption fine without fail.

Resident tax

Do you know a meaning of resident tax?

It is alive fine.

We must pay it without fail every month. It is up to your income. But we must pay at least 100USD every month.

Income tax

We receive income every month from our company.

They force us to pay income tax as income fine without fail.

We must pay many tax.

Many sort of unreasonable tax.

Today, I did explain three representative. Although, We pay a lot of tax as fine, they take no step to get along with COVID-19.

Notorious Prime minister Shinzo did close national congress compulsory. There is no chance to discuss what they should take many step for our day. National congress has been closed for about 2 month. What is called, they has not taken a step for about 2 month.

Japanese notorious politicians will not support us although we pay a lot of tax.

I want you to inform this fact of your friend.


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